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TWOHANDS Gel Highlighter, 6 Yellow,902140


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Product Details

Style: Gel Highlighter
Ink Color: Yellow
Point Type: Chisel
Number of Pieces: 8
Item Weight:3.84 ounces
Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 4.5 x 0.67 inches


Package Includes: 8 Yellow Gel Highlighter/Bible Highlighter Non-Bleed
The fashionable yellow will give your work a subtle but stylish look.
Gel highlighter prevents smears and smudges, won’t dry out if left uncapped.
Won't bleed through any paper including glossy and thin papers, magazines and bibles.
Perfect for color coding, journaling, memorizing your bibleor other books.
Twist-up design reduces breakage of gel inside and remains clean under the protection of plastic shell and also facilitates use.
They’re safe to use for any student, office worker and just about anyone (kids, adults etc.)

  • Customer Reviews

    Great Bible Highlighter

    ★ Reviewed in the United States on March 10, 2021

    I absolutely love these Bible markers. They do the job perfectly, no bleeding through to other pages. However, be aware, the reason so many come in one pack is they’re not like a pen that lasts through many uses. The more you highlight, the faster each one will be used up. Still highly recommended!

    Highlight without ink bleeding

    ★ Reviewed in the United States on April 6, 2021

    I love these crayon style highlighters. I gave them away as gifts to college students too. I will never use a marker style highlighter again!

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