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About Us

Cute little boy drawing and painting with colorful markers pens at kindergarten. Creative kid painting at playschool. Development toys for preschooler children

Hi there, lovely!

Can a marker really draw a child’s eye away from the glowing screen of a tablet? Ours do!

Try it for yourself. Hand your child one of our popular sets and watch them create with their own two hands, exercise their coordination, and reduce their dependence on electronic products.

In a day in age where we rely heavily on electronics and screens, we exist to remind you, in a most joyful way, that the best fun is had off-screen.

Do, More Than Say, With Your Own TWOHANDS.

We’re anywhere you want.

Be it work, school, the beach, or the kitchen table—activate and unleash your creativity with your own TWOHANDS.

Where quality is concerned, we are not the norm.

It’s very standard in the stationery industry to reduce product quality just to increase profit.

We’re just not comfortable with that. TWOHANDS believes you have the right to choose high-quality AND affordable products.

We’ve researched and analyzed what you want in the tools you use to create, from the price point to the color in each pen point. After all, the whole “point” is offering products you’ll reach for on the daily—and feel only joy in the process.

From the first product we launched—our beloved highlighter—the competition was fierce. Our research and determination was fiercer, and we delivered a product you loved and we’re insanely proud of (just ask Amazon!).