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Why Is It Important For Children To Draw

What can painting bring to children?

1.Improve memory ability

Maybe seeing a child's painting with no "artistic sense" at all, the first reaction of adults is "graffiti", which is understandable. If a child's painting completely conforms to the aesthetic point of view of adults, then it can't be called "imagination".

Children searched out the memories stored in their minds when they felt foreign objects, and then expressed them abstractly in a "childish" and "naive" way.Some psychologists even believe that children's creativity is the highest before the age of 5, almost equal to the master of painting. The content of their paintings is not nothingness, but a kind of memory recovery of reality, but the way of expression is not the way we are used to accepting as adults.

2.Improvement in observation skills

Don't hit him with distrustful eyes when your child gleefully points to the "weird" in his drawing and says it's super~, that's invincible~. Although the picture is a bit chaotic and the shape is a bit outrageous, have you ever found out what kind of roles or attitudes these things that we often dismiss in our daily life appear in the world he perceives?

In fact, this is the performance of children's observation ability. Unrestricted by fixed patterns, they can pay attention to many details that adults can't notice. Their inner world is sometimes more sensitive and delicate than adults'.

3.Improvement in imagination

Why do we always have a hard time understanding what children are drawing?Because we are different from children's imagination and cognition ability. Adults like the rules, the real thing, and the world of children is full of fairy tales.

At the same time, the use of colors can better show the children's bold imagination. They paint colors at will according to their own interests and wishes... But don't use "outrageous" to understand the world they see, because in their eyes, the world It was originally colorful.

4.Timely release of emotions

Many psychologists sometimes ask the patient to draw a picture before treating the patient. There is also this item in child psychology. Through the analysis of children's paintings, the root causes of children's emotions and mental illnesses can be obtained.

Children have a natural innocence and a strong desire to express, and their joys, sorrows and joys are vivid on the paper. When they can't express their inner world with rich language, the way of hand-brain combination-painting came into being. In other words, in fact, each painting is a portrayal of the child's true inner thoughts and an external expression of the child's emotions.

Post time: May-19-2022